Agile Scrum Foundation Training - Content Overview

De Agile Scrum Foundation Training wordt uitgevoerd als een Scrum iteratie van één dag. Net als tijdens een echte Sprint, wordt de status van de training gepresenteerd met een Scrum board, inclusief User Stories (de agendapunten) en een Burndown Chart (hoeveel tijd is er nog voor de onbehandelde items).

The Essence of Agile

Predictability versus Adaptivity; Agile mindset versus Fixed mindset; Agile Decision Making, Agile Skills; Agile Manifesto; Basic Agile Principles; Overview Agile Methods; Agile Deployment; What is Agility? Common Agile Practices: Visual Management, Time-Boxed Activities,Tangible Deliverables, Agile Teams, Prioritization, Communication Temperature,

Scrum Basics

Pillars of Scrum: Transparancy, Inspection, Adaptation; Requirements versus User Stories; Attributes of User Stories; Product Backlog: prioritization, grooming; Overview Scrum Roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team; Scrum Meetings: Sprint Planning Meeting, Scrum Meeting, Sprint Review Meeting, Retrospective; Ideal Sprint Length; Sprint Burndown Charts & Project Burndown Chart; Spike Iterations, Nul-Sprint, Release-Sprint

Scrum Topics

INVEST in high quality user stories; Multiple product teams; Unexpected, high-priority items; Maintenance and Bug-fixing; Team Dynamics and Team Formation; Agile Leadership and Agile Decision Making; Prioritization of Requirements; Measurement of User Satisfaction; Agile Testing; Definition of Done and Product Quality; Role and Responsibility of (higher) Management; Scrum Under Siege; Implementation of (multidisciplinary) Scrum; Scrum for non-software projects

Scrum and Kanban

Lean Manufacturing; Sources of Waste; Difference between Agile and Lean; Lean Principles: Kanban and Kaizen; What is Kanban?; Work in Progress; Kanban Workflow; Kanban Board; Combination of Scrum and Kanban (ScrumBan); Dealing with high-urgency tasks; Dealing with structural unplanned work

Agile Project Planning

Traditional Project Planning; Relative Sizing of Effort; Velocity; Choosing the Right Estimation Scale; Determination and Application of Team Velocity Planning Bias: Anchoring; Scrum Planning Poker; Agile Release Planning; Yesterday's Weather; Multiproduct/Multidisciplinairy Project Planning

Agile Contracting

Traditional Contracts: fixed-time - fixed-cost - fixed-scope; Agile Contracts: fixed-time - variable-scope; Transparency and Mutual Trust; Win-Win of Agile Contracts; Budget Planning

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